It's all in the details, and we truly believe that at Amelia's Flowers. Every bouquet and arrangement we offer is made with thoughtful care and attention to detail.

The most common question I get at the truck is “Are you Amelia?”. On most days, i’ll say no and give further explanation of why I didn’t name my business after myself, but sometimes i’ll indulge and say “Yes, that’s me” but since I have your full attention here, i’ll go ahead and explain further. Hi, i’m Mattie, not Amelia. Amelia is a name that I fell in love with a few years ago and thought I would give my (one day) daughter. When I started to dream up the idea of opening a Flower Truck, figuring out what to name it was the hardest part. I was coming up with a crazy amount of names that just didn’t fit, when all of the sudden it dawned on me - Amelia.

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