Mary Lawless Lee is both the founder and face of the influential style site Happily Grey. What started as a passion project for Mary has quickly grown into a well-respected brand, with a loyal and impressive following of over 1++ million strong, and now, Happily Grey retail experience located in Nashville TN.

Mary’s affection for beautiful things, travel to new places, and an active lifestyle quickly garnered a devoted fan base. Eager to see what trend or trip she might try next, her readership demonstrated a dedication strong enough to justify a shift from nursing to full-time blogger and social media influencer. Since, Mary has worked with some of the world’s most prominent fashion and lifestyle brands, many projects leading to long-term and ongoing partnerships.

Mary’s curious attitude and casual approach translates to authentic and relatable content, featuring a signature style and exciting adventures. As a result, her travel journals have become as highly anticipated as her outfit posts, no matter the destination.

Known for aspirational imagery of looks that are surprisingly attainable, Mary offers a unique perspective and specialized style to both brands and readers. With an intentional mix of high and low designers, timeless staples, and trend driven items, Mary has the ability to feature and convert product over a broad spectrum of price points. This flexibility explains the notable range in her demographic, and the strong engagement regardless of the subject matter or project.

Mary’s commitment to finding the best way to communicate with her audience, and the continued courage to test limits and boundaries on all channels and platforms, means the possibilities for Happily Grey are endless.

Mary lives in Nashville with her husband, Madison, their daughter, Navy James and their two Great Danes, Miles and Allie.

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