After years of people asking me where I got my shirt + living room paint color and the recipe to my favorite appetizer, I decided maybe there were people out there that would read this besides my mom. Which led to me consigning my clothes online and saving enough money to build an online space where I could share all the things in my life that I truly love.

I'm a girls girl that's found the perfect white tee, a dinner your kids will actually eat and the mother of all under eye concealers. And if there's something I haven't found, you'll be along for the ride. My hope is to inspire you, be your daily comic relief and that best girlfriend you really never knew you needed.

Let's not forget, it's a lifestyle website, but not a perfectly styled life. Sure, the pictures are real pretty, but there will be plenty of early school drop-off's that I'll be in my car without a bra on. Why? Well, because that's what friends do and it's real life.

I'm excited to have you here and hope you'll stick around. Cause let's face it, women are just better together.

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