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Original Building Construction
(actual newspaper from inside the wall during original construction)
Se-Ling Hosiery Mill
They manufactured hosiery for ladies and it was called Se-Ling Hosiery Mill. During that time, all of the neighbors in the neighborhood worked here.
Genesco Shoe Factory & Madison Mill
By the 1950s, General Shoe had factories in many southern towns, especially in Genesco's home state of Tennessee. The company assumed its current name, Genesco, in 1959, two years after it was chosen as one of the stocks in the first S&P 500 Index.
L&L Restaurant Equipment Company
L & L Restaurant Equipment started in the 1960s but found it's new home here in 1996 as a 60,000 square-foot new and pre-owned equipment showroom/distribution building.
L&L Market Renovation

The longtime home of L&L Restaurant Equipment on Charlotte Avenue transformed into L&L Market with classy restaurants and luxury shops plus high-end office space.

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